ILM Foundation is an idea inspired by the eclectic yet unifying thoughts of the many great thinking minds of History – the thought that Education is not a mere transfer of Knowledge but it goes beyond that. Education is the coming together of Knowledge – which is acquired from the Universe, Intellect – which is developed by applying the knowledge and Character – which is nurtured through Knowledge and Intellect.

A true learner acquires Knowledge from the vast and unquenchable Universe that is around him. He deeply reflects on that information and applies it in suitable circumstances to cause a desirable effect. And last but not least, he grows his Knowledge and Intellect to affect his Character in a positive way and contribute to the society he is living in.

Inspiring individuals from an early age to become a contributing membersof the society and fulfill the purpose for which one is created.
ILM Foundation seeks to facilitate understanding of the Universe and the science behind it, encourage learners to appreciate this knowledge and make use of it in a responsible manner to meet societal needs.

ILM fulfills its objective through establishment of Learning Centers, organizing Educational Events and Lectures, creating Books and other such innovative resources.

Transformation – We believe teaching is not the not the duty of scholars and teachers alone; anyone who learns something teaches it; a learner transforms into a teacher.

Society – We believe that true learning affects one’s character and thereby inspire one to make practical use of one’s knowledge with an intention to make the society a better place to live.

Purposeful Living – We believe every person is created for a purpose. One must fully invest in the process of acquiring knowledge about the Universe, ponder over it and ultimately develop a higher consciousness around life and its purpose.

The exhibition has been planned to generate awareness and appreciation of the scientific discoveries Muslims have made over a time-span of 1000 years. The lasting legacy of Muslim inventiveness and scholarship still serves as a becon to inspire and motivate young people around the world
Providing the platform to budding scientist can come up and make use of these advance facilities, identifying their creative ideas, making them to do basic research on their ideas and presenting their ideas in front of experts
MSL is being set up on a vehicle which is customized for the requirements of a laboratory. It has required lab equipment pertaining to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Geology and Astronomy. Chemicals, Charts, Audio Visual Aids, Computer, Books etc. are provided and displayed to the students according to the requirements of the experiment.
i Quiz 2015 is a National level quiz competition envisaged to encourage the youth, particularly the school-going children to have an increased awareness of the contributions made to the world of Science, Art & Culture by civilizations previously unrecognized.

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“It was an excellent Exhibition. The organizers need to be commended for their efforts”
Dr. Husain Nagamia, Chairman, International Institute of Islamic Medicine, USA
“I’ve gone through the entire exhibition and I am quite happy to state that it is really superb”
E.T. Mohammed Basheer, Member of Parliament, Ponnani Constituency, Kerala
“It was exciting to visit the Golden Age Exhibition. The information on Scientific discoveries generated and showcased from 700 to 1500 A.D left me in wonderment”

Dr. M. Abdul Salam, Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut, India

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